Walking Crane

CMU : From 0.5 T to 3.2 T

Classification of framework :

  • Classification group = A4
  • Bridge structure: single beam steel profile S.235.J

Bedsteads :

1 Pair of motorized installed type back plates ensures that the vertical and horizontal stresses are borne on the lower level 1 Suspended type guide back plate ensures that the horizontal stresses are borne at the top level.

Painting :

After brushing, we apply :
  • 1 Zinc Chromate anti-rust coating
  • 2 Glycerophtalic top coats yellow RAL 1028.



Main hoisting movement :

The lifting mechanism is provided by a geared motor unit 2-speed or variable speed brake.
The engine design is in accordance with the calculation rules of the EMF.

Main steering movement :

Assured by one or two variable speed geared motors.

Travel movement :

Translation movements are provided by 2 variable speed geared motor gearboxes.


Electricity :

The electrical equipment is placed in a waterproof box attached to the crane.
It is essentially composed of SCHNEIDER material

Button box :

Our cranes are equipped with a wireless command by radio transmission controlling all movements including an emergency stop.
With possibility of an indication of the load on the transmitter driving station.