Hollow rail

The Hollow Rail is a modular design system for the construction of monorails and cranes suspended from modules, with maximum load capacities of 2000kg. Most handling tasks can be done thanks to the large amount of standardized modules.
The range of possible solutions ranges from the simple manual control bridge for the service of a workstation to the material flow system with drive mechanism and automated control.
Whether handling loads on a given surface or along a production line.
The hollow rail installations are always fixed on the ceiling or on a supporting structure, they do not occupy any floor space.
In addition, the system is very flexible, all assemblies are by bolting or plugging.

Hollow rail installations are very easy to handle.
They meet the most demanding requirements in terms of ergonomics.
This is possible thanks to the combined use of different cold-rolled sections with very high strength, low dead weight and roll-mounted plastic rollers. There is a multitude of different lifting devices whose hollow rail installations can be equipped as needed.

There are standard electric chain hoists, high-speed electric cable winches and cable balancers.
The hollow rail installations are designed and ideally suited for the layout of operator workstations.