Regulation - Obligations

Why fill in a maintenance book?

 (Excerpt from the decree of March 2, 2004 relating to the maintenance log of lifting devices)
The head of the establishment must establish and maintain a maintenance log for each of the devices defined in "a" of article 2 of the decree of 1 March 2004 relating to verifications of lifting devices and accessories, in order to record all operations contributing to the maintenance required for the proper management of lifting devices until they are disposed of.
This concerns maintenance performed in accordance with the recommendations of the appliance manufacturer and the inspection, maintenance, repair, replacement or modification operations performed on the appliance. If the operations involve the replacement of the device, the references of these elements must be indicated.

When should "regulatory tests" be done?

 (Excerpt from the order of 2 March 2004 relating to verifications of lifting appliances)

The checks must be carried out during the first commissioning of the lifting devices and then when they are put back into service in the following cases :
a. Change of use site
  b. Change of configuration or conditions of use on the same site
   c. Following disassembly followed by reassembly of the lifting device
   d. After any major replacement, repair or alteration involving the essential components of the hoist
   e. As a result of any accident caused by the failure of an essential  component of the hoist.

Nota : The replacement of chains or cables integrated in a lifting device by new chains or cables is not considered as a disassembly followed by a reassembly provided, on the one hand, that this replacement is carried out with equipment of same characteristics as the original chains or cables and that, on the other hand, this intervention is mentioned on the maintenance log.

What is the periodicity of the "Regulatory Trials"?

 For hoisting equipment, the periodic general inspection shall take place every 12 months

What are "Regulatory Tests"?

1: During the first commissioning
  •     Adequacy examination
  •     Installation and installation review
  •     Static proof
  •     Dynamic test
2: During the subsequent recommissioning (case of a) to e) indicated above)
  •     Same as 1st commissioning
  •     State of conservation review
3. At the annual periodic check
  •     State of conservation review
  •     Verification of the operating efficiency of the brakes or equivalent devices, devices controlling the descent of the load and devices limiting the movements of the apparatus
  •     In the case of load limiters, check their correct operation (tests to be carried out with 1.10 times the maximum load)